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Product Description
Special positioning

Since the internal soft plastic structure is attached to the part,the risk of sliding screws due to angular deviation is reduced when using the I-Ratchet.

Ergonomic, relieve aches

Ergonomics and internal soft material handle provides high torsion and absorbing the physical impact of screw-driving.absorbing the physical impact of screw-driving.

Palm grip

Stubby grip fitting the palm, good to use in a confined space.

Triple Injection molding handle - Special three-section injection molding structure handle it produces maximum energy when twisted and optimizes fastening.

Optimal efficiency - Unique hexagon palm design provides more rotating force.

High torque ratchet mechanism - No need to re-hold the handle one hand operation.Smooth operation ratchet screwdriver with 72 teeth high torque gear for final tightening.

  • Ergonomic, relieve aches and pain
  • Universal flexible
  • Special positioning
  • Triple Injection molding handle
Universal Flexible

The unique handle features a flexible mechanism, with an internal soft structure, I-Ratchet allows the operator to spin fasteners on and off in hard-to-reach areas.

Item No. L1 L2 D1 D2 Weight Material
Itr-001 10.5mm 72mm 28mm 60mm 95g PP
Soft plastic